Why NG Turf Sod

Why NG Turf Sod is A Cut Above

Sod is sold all over Georgia at many different home improvement stores, so why NG Turf? The simple answer —  the final product is far superior. Buying directly from on of the NG Turf sod farms means there’s no middleman to change small details or lessen the care the sod receives before it arrives at your yard.

The more detailed answer? Our team at NG Turf came up with 5 more reasons!

1) Our Turf is Certified by the GCIA.

NG Turf has been growing sod for Georgia lawns since 1985, so we’ve seen almost every trick mother nature can throw a farmer’s way. With multiple farms throughout Georgia, we’re able to grow your new grass 12 months of the year and do it correctly. In fact, we grow each of our different varieties under precise and controlled conditions specifically for it’s exact needs.

NG Turf takes the condition of our grasses so seriously that the GCIA (Georgia Crop Improvement Association) gave our crops a Blue Tag certification. That means our sod is guaranteed to be insect, weed, fungus, and contaminant free as well as being genetically pure and of the the highest quality.

2) You Will Always Come First

Back in 1985 when we started farming in Whitesburg, GA, customer service was the name of the game… and we continue that tradition today. We know not every Georgia yard is made the same, which is why we have many varieties of sod and turf for you to choose from.

You want a beautiful, Zoysia to cover your front yard in a “barefoot-soft” carpet of green? We’ve got you covered with Zeon Zoysia. Do you need a Bermuda grass that will impress all your neighbors and survive a possible drought? Then we would recommend TifTuf™. It’s a low maintenance sod that boasts a bright green color and has superior recovery to traffic and injury. Looking for a green-year-round lawn? Then Rebel Supreme® Fescue is the choice for you!

These different varieties didn’t come about because we learned how to grow different kinds of turf. They came around because our customers asked if we could help. How could we say no to you?

3) Don’t Leave Your House, We’ll Deliver Right to Your Door

Installing a new lawn is important to making your home look its best. When you order from NG Turf we’ll deliver straight to your home or worksite so you can get to work right away. We have multiple sod farms throughout Georgia and our own fleet of trucks ready to deliver! Your new sod will arrive quickly, fresh and healthy due to our Blue Tag certification from the GCIA. Depending on your order, we could bring out a fresh shipment of sod in 24 hours – even first thing Monday morning! You’ll be able to start your lawn installation right away – according to your schedule.

4) Our Triple Protection Warranty Will Let You Relax

We promise that every delivery of sod will be fresh, healthy, and ready for installation when our delivery trucks arrive at your home, but we know installing sod can be a stressful task. That’s why keeping our customers first starts when we arrive on the scene. If you are not 100% satisfied with the condition of any portion of the turf, we will replace that portion at no additional cost. 

Not only will we make sure you’re satisfied from day one, but we’ll make sure your warm season turfgrass delivered in the fall or winter turns green by June 30th! Warm season turfgrass goes dormant in the cooler months, so it may look less lively than what you’re expecting. That’s how it conserves energy. However, by June 30th of the next year, your lawn should be green and flourishing! If not, we will supply the necessary sod to repair the underperforming areas. All your neighbors will be talking about how great your lawn looks.

5) It Will Save You Money

We know in the end it comes down to two things when your purchasing sod or turf for your lawn – Price and Aesthetics. Buying directly from our sod farms will save you money in the long run, no questions asked. Distributers will not be able to match our freshness, controlled conditions or years of experience. You know exactly what you’re paying for, and our experts are always available to answer any questions about installing and continual care for your newly placed lawn.

With multiple sod farms throughout the state, a top-notch team of industry experts, a fleet of delivery trucks at your service, and the ability to grow GCIA Blue-Tag Certified turf 12 months out of the year, NG Turf should be your first choice when considering sod.


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