Winter Lawn Care

Growing season is over, and the mowers and blowers have gone quiet for the winter but your lawn still needs attention if you want it to look its best next spring. The following tips will keep your lawn healthy during the winter months.

Clean it Up

Start by cleaning up any fallen debris. Regularly remove sticks and twigs along with any remaining fall leaves or pine needles. Your grass will benefit from the improved exposure to sunlight and water.


Now that the summer heat has passed, it is time to adjust your sprinklers. Even grasses that go dormant need water throughout the winter, but too much may invite rot or blight. An inch of water per week will keep most grasses alive without water logging during the winter. Hang a rain gauge and keep an eye on it, then set your sprinklers accordingly.


Your grass probably won’t need mowing, but if you do mow, don’t cut the grass too short. Exact mowing heights vary by grass type, but two inches is a good rule of thumb for winter and early spring. Scalping the grass may kill it, and leaving it too long could lead to disease or rot.


Growing grasses are hearty and can spring back from regular use, but winter’s dormant grasses and spring’s early growth are weaker and therefore more susceptible to damage. Avoid heavy foot traffic on your lawn during the winter and early spring.

No Fertilizer

You can treat existing weeds now with post-emergent herbicide formulated for annual and perennial winter weeds. For best results, apply during warmer days when temperatures rise above 50°F. To get ahead of spring weeds, apply a pre-emergent herbicide in February or March before soil temperatures reach 55°F.

Weed Control

You may be tempted to get a head start by fertilizing your lawn now, especially if you didn’t get around to it this fall, but don’t do it. It’s best to wait until your grass fully greens up in the spring to avoid doing more harm than good.


If your grass is in bad shape, you don’t have to wait until spring to enjoy a beautiful lawn. Our WinterGreen painted sod arrives green and stays green for two to three months, when Mother Nature takes over in the spring.

Painted sod installs like any other Bermuda or Zoyzia, with all the convenience of a dormant sod, but with no overseeding necessary. Click here for more details in our WinterGreen post.

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