WinterGreen for the Holidays

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WinterGreen for the Holidays

If you’re laying new sod this fall, think WinterGreen painted grass from NG Turf, and you could have the most striking lawn on the block for the holiday season.

The WinterGreen Advantage

When laid in the fall, warm season sod is usually delivered dormant and brown, greening up during the growing season in the spring. But our WinterGreen painted Bermuda or Zoysia arrives green and stays green for two to three months. It just might be the ultimate holiday accessory for your home this year. 

Whether for a new home or for a landscaping project, the vibrant, natural color of WinterGreen adds instant curb appeal with lush green grass that will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Real Estate Boost

If you have a home on the market this winter, WinterGreen can certainly help. Talk to any real estate agent, and they will tout the importance of curb appeal for a quick sale. And our brilliant green sod will help your home stand out against the competition.

Family & Pet Friendly

Just like you, we’re concerned about the products we buy for our homes and their potential effects on our families and the environment. That’s why our WinterGreen lawn pigment is nontoxic, making it absolutely safe for children, pets and wildlife.

Because it is free of harsh chemicals, WinterGreen is also eco-friendly. You can rest easy and thoroughly enjoy your green lawn, knowing our product is biodegradable and 100% environmentally safe.

No Mess, No Fuss

WinterGreen couldn’t be more convenient and easy to handle. It arrives at your home dry and colorfast from the farm, so there is no mess, and the verdant green color won’t bleed or fade.

The sod installs like any other Bermuda or Zoyzia, with all the convenience of a dormant sod, but with no overseeding necessary. You can expect the color to last two to three months, depending on how often you mow and the level of foot traffic.

To learn more about WinterGreen, call us at 770-832-8608.

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