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bee pollinating flower

Save the Bees!

June 22–28 has been designated National Pollinator Week, a time to learn more about the important role of pollinators in our world and to discover ways to protect them. Bees are the most productive, but flies, wasps, ants, butterflies, moths and bats are also pollinators. Together they help about 75% of all flowering plants move pollen necessary for fertilization, including plants that bear some of our favorite fruits, vegetables and nuts. Unfortunately, pesticides, habitat loss, pollution and other factors have put our pollinators at serious risk.

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vintage photo on family farm

Celebrating 35 Years on the Family Farm

We’re marking a milestone anniversary, here at NG Turf. Thirty-five years ago, our founder and CEO Aaron McWhorter planted the first seeds that would become not only a thriving sod business, but also a trusted source of information for homeowners and turfgrass pros. Beginning with a small tract of Bermuda grass, NG Turf has grown to become a leading sod producer in the Southeast by focusing on premium product and stellar service.

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push mower cutting lawn, mowing mistakes concept

5 Mowing Mistakes That Damage the Lawn

When done right, mowing actually encourages your grass to grow, creating a dense lawn that resists weeds, drought, wear and disease. However, common mowing mistakes can actually cause significant damage to your lawn. Whether you pay a professional service or do it yourself, be sure to protect your grass from these detrimental practices.

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machine aerating lawn

When and How to Aerate the Lawn

Often overlooked, aeration plays an important role in maintaining a healthy lawn. And this year, more than ever, our lawns could use the help. A hot, dry fall followed by a wet winter and spring have led to a patchy start for many warm-season grasses. If your lawn is struggling to green up, it may be time to aerate.

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Proper Care for New Sod

Many homeowners have been using their extra time at home to improve their landscapes. We know because we’ve heard from folks with questions about caring for new sod. Proper care for new sod starts sooner than you might think — while it’s still being installed. Follow these tips to get your beautiful new lawn off to a strong start.

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dog sitting on green grass

Protect Your Lawn from Dog Urine and Other Damage

We love our four-legged family members, but we don’t love the damage they can wreak on our lawns. Caring for pets doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your desire for a beautiful lawn. Follow these tips to cultivate gorgeous grass and happy pets in the same yard.

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