On the Course: Sequoyah National

ON THE COURSE Sequoyah National Shifts to Warm Season Grass About Brannon Burnes Brannon Burnes has served as superintendent at Sequoyah National since 2014. A native of middle Georgia, he started working on golf courses in high school. Burnes earned a turf degree from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton, and later went back to …

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Pre-emergent being sprayed on weeds

Control Winter Weeds with Pre-emergent Herbicide

Ask any homeowner and they will likely tell you that weeds are the biggest nuisance in the yard. Most of the unwanted vegetation that populates our lawns in early spring actually gets its start in the fall and grows through the winter. The best way to control these winter lawn crashers is to stop them before they start with pre-emergent herbicides.

man on lawn with lawn mover

Fight Weeds, Diseases and Insects with Healthy Grass

Weeds, blights and pests can wreak havoc on our grass, no doubt. But would you be surprised to find out that these threats typically cause less than one-third of lawn problems? In fact, they are much more often symptoms rather than the underlying issue. The number one threat to your lawn is actually human error. Whether you or a service provider maintains your lawn, innocent mistakes in lawncare can lead to unwanted weeds, diseases and insects.

Healthy Soil

Fertile Soil, Happy LawnIn order to thrive, grass and other plants in your yard rely on fertile soil, rich in accessible nutrients. Fertilizing your lawn helps replenish nutrient depleted soil, but it’s important to know which nutrients are already present so you don’t over or underfeed. In addition, the acidity of the soil directly affects …

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