White Grub - Beetle Larvae in ground

White Grub Identification and Control

They do not come to the surface, so you may never see them unless you dig in the dirt to plant flowers or shrubs. The bloated larvae of common beetles are a normal part of the ecosystem in most lawns and no cause for alarm in small numbers. In higher numbers, however, they can inflict visible harm on your grass. Learn to identify indigenous white grubs and their damage to determine if your lawn is feeding an underground horde of uninvited pests.

man on lawn with lawn mover

Fight Weeds, Diseases and Insects with Healthy Grass

Weeds, blights and pests can wreak havoc on our grass, no doubt. But would you be surprised to find out that these threats typically cause less than one-third of lawn problems? In fact, they are much more often symptoms rather than the underlying issue. The number one threat to your lawn is actually human error. Whether you or a service provider maintains your lawn, innocent mistakes in lawncare can lead to unwanted weeds, diseases and insects.

When and How Much to Water the Lawn

When and How Much to Water the LawnUnless you irrigate from a well or other private source, watering the lawn can be an expensive enterprise, especially during hot, dry summers. Watering efficiently will save you money in the long run, and will also help during dry spells when communities often restrict water usage. The goal …

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